PredictMD is a free and open-source Julia package that provides a uniform interface for machine learning.

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PredictMD is registered in the general Julia registry. To install PredictMD, simply open Julia and run the following four lines:

  1. import Pkg
  2. Pkg.activate("PredictMDEnvironment"; shared = true)
  3. Pkg.add("PredictMDFull")
  4. import PredictMDFull


If you use PredictMD in research, please cite the software using the following DOI: DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2856280

Docker image:

Alternatively, you can use the PredictMD Docker image for easy installation:

  1. docker run --name predictmd -it dilumaluthge/predictmd /bin/bash
  2. julia
  3. import PredictMDFull

If you exit the container, you can reopen it by running the following line:

docker start -ai predictmd